April 17, 2010 Sally Walker French,
great-great-granddaughter of General
Jose Mariano Hernandez presented china,
wine decanters, and portraits of the
Hernandez family to the Flagler County
Historical Society.  These add to the
extensive documents, and items at
the Museum Annex, plus items donated
by her cousin Lucia Walker Fairlie
Pulgram.  These are now on display at the
Flagler County Administration Building.

left to right: Art Dycke, President Palm Coast
Historical Society, Bill Landry, Mary Ann Clark
FCHS President, Sally Walker French,
Chip Brooks, and Sisco Deen. 
photos by Bill Ryan



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The wine decanters carry  Hernandez family initials. The family portraits appear to be painted on blocks of marble stone.  They are signed by an artist "Mejasky"
"New York" date unknown.  (a Francis Mejasky - artist - of Cuba is buried in Oak Hill Georgetown D.C.)

Top row:  Wife Anna Maria Hill, Gen. Jose Mariano Hernandez, Bottom row: daughter Doratea (Dora),
and unidentified daughter.

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Rare portraits of Hernandez family are now
on display at Flagler County Administration Building.