The area known as  Flagler County has lived under many flags

We live in an area rich in history.  What is designated as Flagler County today is one of the oldest settled areas in the United States.  Much work has been accomplished by local historians, groups, and writers to document the rich background of where we live.
Flagler County has a remarkable selection of preserved historical sites and places to visit.

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Flagler County Memories Project

By the close of the Second Seminole War in 1842, Flagler County was virtually uninhabited. Almost all current residents of the County, or their forbearers, arrived here after that era. We represent a diverse cross section of ethnic and racial origins. We came from many places and for our own reasons; many were looking for the “good life” promised by land developers. What we brought to the experience, what we found here and how we adapted create our own personal life stories.

 The staff of the Flagler County Public Library and members of the Friends of the Library began an oral history project in 200l as an effort to preserve samples of these memories and relevant images for the future. This collection of oral life histories seeks to sample the common themes and unique stories of selected local residents. The compact disk/ digital format was selected as the best available method for recording the materials. There was no intent to create a history of the county or any of its cities, towns and settlements, though individual stories often reflect those of the area.

Flagler County Historic Roads - a new effort to mark and
identify the historic roadways in Flagler County.

Heritage Crossroads newsletter - current events on our historic roads

See Flagler County History Coalition History Happenings
Latest information on Flagler County Historic Associations

Flagler County Historical Association in Bunnell Holden House

Flagler Beach Museum

Florida Agricultural Museum

Flagler Memories - Interviews with leading early citizens

History of Flagler County Public Library video with Emily Shoemaker and Sandra Rose Friedman

MalaCompra Plantation of General Hernandez at Bing's Landing

History of early Flagler - by Sisco Deen

See Flagler Memories Video  videos of Flagler Historic Sites

Visit Flagler - current events from Flagler Tourism Board

Links to Flagler Internet History sites
Shell Bluff Park - a new park in Western Flagler County
Old Kings Road - historic road thru Flagler County

History of Flagler County - learn about our rich history compiled by Judy Kent
Flagler County History
- remarks by Albert J.Hadeed
Flagler Beach Museum - see the history, and people of Flagler Beach in the new museum
Flagler County Public Library History  - the formation of our Public Library system
Flagler County Court House History - by Mary Ann Clark

Holden House - Flagler County Historical Society
Hernandez family items at Holden House Annex - General Hernandez and Flagler County
In Florida the Underground Railroad ran South.  It did travel on Old Kings Road
Princess Place Preserve "Once upon a time a princess lived here"
Historic Preservation of MalaCompra Plantation at Bing's Landing in Flagler County
Florida Agricultural Museum - see the plan for museum in Flagler County
Princess Place Preserve "Once upon a time a princess lived here"
History of Flagler County Public Library
News Journal Article on Palm Coast and Flagler

Early Archeology of Flagler  by Art Dycke - the latest Society Newsletter

"The Search for Old Kings Road" history books by local historian Bill Ryan
"I am Grey Eyes - a story of Old Florida"
"Osceola  His Capture and Seminole Legends.

Bulow Gold - a story of Bulow family and plantation.
New painting of what may be Osceola's wife and child

The story of a Spanish Treasure ship and the search for its gold

Additional history web links for Flagler County History:

Princess Place Preserve
Chas. Lindberg visits Flagler Beach
MalaCompra Plantation at Bing's Landing

Scenic and Historic A1A Highway

Flagler Parks and Public areas - see a listing with

Flagler Oral History - recordings of sound and life experiences of long-time
Flagler County Residents

Historian Bill Ryan's Books on Flagler History - latest Door to Time in Florida

Flagler County Families - History and records of early Flagler County Families

A History of Flagler County by Sisco Deen, written for the City of Palm Coast
Historical Society.

A Short History of Flagler Place Names by Sisco Deen

Ancient Indian Middens and places in Flagler County

Library of Congress Veterans History Project in Flagler County - history of our
Flagler veterans for Library of Congress.  CD Rom discs in our library collection.

John Horse, black Seminole leader, and Coacooche, fighters in
the Indian rebellion along Old Kings Road.  Events that changed our history.

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