Donated Books

Books generously donated to the Flagler County Historical Society by Bonnie Scott in 2000.

AuthorTitlePublish Date
Atherton, GertrudeThe Conqueror (Biography of Alexander Hamilton)1908
Bacheller, IrvingThe Days of Poor Richard (Ben Franklin)1922
Bailey, Arthur ScottThe Tale of Cuffy Bear1915
Bangs, John KendrickA House-Boat on the Styx1902
Barr, Amelia E.The Bow of Orange Ribbon1886
Bonner, RichardThe Boy Inventors Wireless Triumph1913
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward G.The Last Days of Pompeii1814
Cabell, BranchHamlet Had An Uncle1940
Chambers, Robert W.The Haunts of Men1895
Churchill, WinstonThe Crossing1904
Cook, JoelAmerica, Volume One1900
Cook, JoelAmerica, Volume Two1900
Cook, JoelAmerica, Volume Three1900
Comstock, HarrietThe Vindication1916
Conquest, JoanLeonie of the Jungle1921
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Last of the Mohicans (A Narrative of 1757)1928 ?
Crawford, Frances MarionThe Art of Rome1905
Davies, Rev. E.The Boy Preacher (Rev. Thomas Harrison)1881
de la RocheThe Building of Jalna1944
De Saint-Amand, ImbertThe Revolution of 18481895
The DuchessHonourable Mrs. Vereker
Ford, Paul LeicestorThe Honorable Peter Stirling (and What People Thought of Him) 1901
Gilbert, HenryKing Arthur fpr Bpys
Goldsmith, HenryThe Vicar of Wakefield
Harte, BretStories and Poems1923
Holmes, M. J.Lena Rivers1856
Holmes, Oliver WendellElsie Venner
Hyde, Mary F.Practical Lessons in the Use of English (Textbook)1888
Kingston, W.H.G.The Young Llanero (War and Life in Venezuela)1884
Lincoln, Joseph C.The Rise of Roscoe Paine1912
Little, FrancesThe Lady of the Decoration1906
Little, FrancesThe Lady and Sada San (A sequel)1912
Locke, William J.The Beloved Vagabond1906
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Courtship of Miles Standish1913
PartonThe Life of Horace Greeley1855
Patchin, Frank GeeThe Battleship Boys Under Fire1916
Peck, Harry ThurstonA History of Classical Philology1911
Pernon’sUniversal Phonography (Shorthand Textbook)1909
Reader’s Digest CondensedDick Francis (Hot Money) Robin Cook (Mortal Fear)1988
Segal, ErichThe Class1985
Shattuck, Harriette R.The Woman’s Manual of Parliamentary Law1891
Snell, Roy J.The Arrow of Fire (Series for Boys)1930
Standish, WinJack Lorimer, Freshman (Series)1912
Strong, L.A.G.Brothers1932
Swift, JonathanGulliver’s Travels into General Remote Nations of the World
Swineford, Harriet V.Literature of Beginners1888
Vandercook, MargaretThe Camp Fire Girls at Sunrise Hill1913
Webster, Frank V.Ben Hardy’s Flying Machine
Wentworth, G.A.Plane Geometry1904
Wilder, Marshall P.The Sunny of the Street1905
Wilkins-Freeman“Doc” Gordon1906
Wolfe, Theodore F.A Literary Pilgrimage Among the Haunts of Famous British Authors1895
Wright, Harold BellThe Winning of Barbara Worth1911
Wright, Harold BellWhen a Man’s a Man1916
Wright, Harold BellThe Re-creation of Brian Kent1919
Wright, Harold BellThe Shepherd of the Hills1907
Wyman, L.P.The Lakewood Boys in the South Sea Islands1925
Young, ClarenceThe Motor Boys Afloat (Series)1908
Young, ClarenceThe Motor Boys on the Atlantic1908
Zahl, Paul A.Flamingo Hunt1952
Zelazny, RogerTrumps of Doom1985