Flagler County Historical Society Bus Tours

At present time our bus tours are on hold awaiting the outcome of the present virus emergency. Additional new tours of our historic locations are being planned. We will have a waiting/contact list for you or your group. When tours resume we plan to have a number of historical locations available for your visit. It is important that you record your interest for a tour.

Call (386) 437-0600 leave your name and number for information.

Tours will begin at Holden House Museum  in Bunnell.  Please park on the west side of the Holden House Museum

Bus Tour Itinerary – being revised!

Coordinator: Fran Anderson, Staff. Itinerary subject to change according to road and traffic conditions.

Tour Guides: Bill Ryan, Ed Siarkowicz, James Dean Fiske

TimeLocationNo. on Map
9:30—9:55 a.m.Arrive at Holden House 204 E. Moody Blvd., Bunnell, 32110 (1918)1
9:50—9:58 a.m.Briefing 
10:00 a.m.Bunnell Court House (1924)2
10:03 a.m.Bunnell Coquina City Hall and Lake Louise (1936)3
10:06 a.m.Telephone Exchange Building (1910)4
10:11 a.m.The Little Red School house (1938)5
10:15 a.m.Old Moody Homestead Site/Park6
10:18 a.m.David Siegal Center7
10:23 a.m.Dupont Settlement/St. Mary’s Polish Church, Korona (1914)8, 9
10:25 a.m.Old Dixie Highway (1927)10
10:33 a.m.Carmelite Monastery (1988)10
10:40 a.m.The Kings Road and Bulow Plantation Ruins (1763)11
10:43 a.m.African American Masonic Cemetery (1890/1940)12
10:50 a.m.The Ancient Florida Shoreline Coquina Ridge13
11:03 a.m.Ocean City (1916), Flagler Beach (1923) and Pier (1928)14
11:05 a.m.Flagler Beach Historical Museum*14
11:20 a.m.Mala Compra Ruins/Bings Landing County Park (early 1800s)15
11:30 a.m.10 min. Water Closet Break and Leg Stretch15
11:40 a.m.Long’s Landing Colonial Seaport Site and Mulberry Creek (1816)16
11:50 a.m.Lodge House, Princess Place Preserve County Park (1888)17
11:53 a.m.Florida Ag. Museum (F.A.M.), East-Side Historic Buildings (1920s)18
12:00 p.m.F.A.M. West-Side Hewitt’s Revolutionary War Sawmill and Dam(1770)19
12:10 p.m.African American Cultural Society20
12:20 p.m.Old Brick Road, Espanola (1915)21
12:25 p.m.African American One-Room School House, Espanola (1918)22
12:30 p.m.Espanola Cemetery (1875)23
12:45 p.m.St. Johns Park—Fireworks, Produce, Florida Cracker House (1914-1920)24
12:50 p.m.Haw Creek Preserve County Park25
12:55 p.m.Matthew Davis House, Bull Creek26
1—1:45 p.m.Lunch at Bull Creek Fish Camp 
2—2:30 p.m.Dazzling Historical Facts on the ride back 
@3 p.m.Arrive back at the Holden house—End of Tour1

Author: FCHS