Historic Roads with Bill Ryan

Heritage Crossroads: Miles of History in Flagler County

Two historic roads in Flagler County include Old Kings and Dixie Highway or Old Brick Road.

Two major entryways existed into Flagler County. Old Kings Road was built by the British and completed by 1771, just prior to the American Revolution. The Dixie Highway, some times called ‘The Old Brick Road’ was from the 1914 era and became a main route into Florida with the appearance of Henry Ford’s motor cars, and support groups desiring a roadway to Miami. These routes were part of the Heritage Crossroads historical group that marked and listed them as the first History Roads in the State of Florida. Historian Bill Ryan of the Flagler County Historical Society makes comments on these two vital routes in the history of Florida. Bill is a Flagler County author of seven books including “The Search for Old Kings Road.”

Author: Bill Ryan