Documents of Flagler County and Bunnell – History Annex

Historic Bunnell documents in Flagler County Annex. Documents from Sisco Deen collection.

Links to Bunnell papers – sources Flagler County Historical Society Annex. These are reference papers. The originals are in the Flagler Historical Association Annex. Assistance in reviewing may be obtained by contacting us. Collections by Sisco Deen.

Tidewater Atlantic Research paper Dec 2019. Historical overview, research on Flagler County coastal assets.

1938 WPA Inventory of Flagler County records – county history, documents and records as inventoried by WPA 136 pages, pdf

New Deal in Florida 1933 – 1943. The effect on Bunnell Florida of government ‘New Deal’.

Bunnell Board of Trade 1917 – 1924 Early brochure offering advantages of location in Bunnell Florida

Bunnell City Hall National Register of Historic Places (rev. 08-15-2006) – pdf.pdf

Bunnell High School 1917 – 1967 by Mary Ketus Dean Holland 1992 pdf 27M

Survey of Bunnell High School 1942 – masters paper by Jack Clegg

Bunnell Historic Structure Survey 06-30-2008 –  pdf

Bunnell City Hall National Register of Historic Places application 02-04-2019 – pdf

Bunnell City Hall – paper by Randy Jaye August 2018

Bunnell State Bank National Register of Historic Places application 05-21-1992 – pdf

Bunnell Water Tower on National Registry by Randy Jaye

Dupont Call to the Farmer sales brochure. Dupont rail center, land in Haw Creek Area. Document comments by historian Sisco Deen.

Flagler County Air Patrol 1942 Flagler Beach – volunteer flyers against German U boats off shore.

Flagler – the Everything County – 1988 promotional brochure

FDOT study Route 100 (Moody) re-design August 1999 – pdf

Flagler Historic Properties study 1987 – historic properties for preservation

Flagler Archeological Survey 1988 – extension of 1987 properties study with 8 new sites

Flagler County Preservation Elements 1988 -history sites desirable for preservation.

Flagler Registry of Historic Places Dixie Highway – application for Dixie Highway (Old Brick Road) placement

Princess Place Marketing Brochure – beginnings of Princess Place Preserve

Flagler Registry of Historic Places Marineland – application and history

Pictorial History of Bunnell – The early pioneers – pdf slow loading due size

Wilson Cypress Company Land Survey 1910

Author: Bill Ryan